Radon Testing and Mitigation, Waynesville, NC

Make sure your family is safe in your Waynesville home with radon testing and mitigation.

Radon Testing and Mitigation in Waynesville, North CarolinaRadon is a type of radioactive gas that can occur naturally. Radon levels vary from house to house, and even houses that are right next to each other can have very different radon levels. Radon cannot be seen and is odorless. Unfortunately, it has also been linked to the occurrence of lung cancer. Conducting radon testing and mitigation as needed is the only way to know your home or business is really safe from unsafe radon levels.

Not all radon tests are equal. When you are looking for radon testing and mitigation services in Waynesville, North Carolina, you should consider us at Dry Foundation Technologies. Typical radon tests that are purchased at a store use charcoal, but these tests can be inaccurate. Because we use a continuous computerized radon monitor and not a charcoal kit for our testing, our test results are more accurate and reliable.

Finding out that your home or business has unsafe levels of radon can be very worrisome. The good news is that fixing a radon problem is generally straightforward. Here are the basics of a radon mitigation system:

  • A pipe will be installed that goes from just beneath your building’s foundation through the roof.
  • A fan will be installed outside the occupied space of your building to draw air through the pipe from beneath the foundation to be released outside.
  • This fan and pipe will create a slight but continuous suction that will pull radon away from the interior of your building

Radon testing and mitigation are essential to the protection of your family or employees. Give us a call today to get started today.




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