Radon Testing, Hendersonville, NC

Our radon testing services in Hendersonville, NC are designed to provide you with greater peace of mind, as well as accurate results.

Radon TestingRadon Testing in Hendersonville – Radon is a type of gas that is created when the uranium found in soil breaks down naturally. This gas can make its way into the air you breathe and has been discovered in homes throughout the country. Generally, the gas will form in the ground and move upwards into a home, finding its way through cracks in the property’s foundation.

At Dry Foundation Technologies, we can help you determine whether there are high levels of radon in your Hendersonville, North Carolina home’s air.

Our radon testing services are designed to provide you with greater peace of mind, as well as accurate results.

We urge you to turn to us for radon testing if your home has not been tested before because, in the U.S., radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. It also causes thousands of deaths in the country on an annual basis. Since you can’t see, taste, or smell radon, and how much radon is in your home cannot be determined by where you live, the testing process needs to be managed by a professional.

If the results of your radon test show that there are abnormal levels of this gas in your home, don’t worry. Our professional team can provide you with effective solutions for radon mitigation.

Contact us at Dry Foundation Technologies today to find out more about the radon testing process and what it entails. In order to better meet your needs, we are always more than happy to provide you with further information.


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