Moisture Management, Hickory, NC

Professional and certified moisture management is critical to ensuring the structural integrity of your Hickory, NC home.

At Dry Foundation Technologies, we specialize in both exterior and interior waterproofing and moisture management in the Hickory, NC area. Water can seep up through the floor, in through your windows, or drip down deficiencies in your foundation. Whatever the cause, any type of water intrusion in your home can lead to disaster. Water or moisture in your basement can lead to mold problems, damage to structures like drywall and flooring, and possibly the erosion of your home’s foundation. Professional and certified moisture management is critical to ensuring the structural integrity of your home. It can also have a noticeable effect on your indoor air quality.

Moisture Management, Hickory, NCYou may need moisture management services from our team at Dry Foundation Technologies if you find any of the following in your home:

  • Standing water on the basement floor
  • Damp, humid air
  • Water leaking out of the walls
  • Dampness at the base of concrete block walls
  • Odors caused by mold or mildew
  • Decay or rot in or around beams or joists
  • Stains or blisters on any surface coverings

Moisture can be caused by a wide range of sources. Water can come in the form of rain water from the outside or external humidity. Or perhaps lesser-known sources of humidity and moisture may come from improperly vented dryers, humidifiers, showering, or cooking.

Whatever the cause of moisture in your home, we have the moisture management solution that will meet all of your needs, and help you ensure the integrity of your home and belongings.

Our business is waterproofing, and our focus is providing our customers with superior products and service with friendly and professional dedication. We stand behind our workmanship, and we are so sure of your complete satisfaction that we offer lifetime or 25-year warranties on select products. In addition to warranties, we also offer financing for your moisture management project. Moisture management can be an unexpected and costly experience, and we believe you shouldn’t sacrifice quality workmanship because of your budget.

Contact us at Dry Foundation Technologies today to ask us about a custom moisture management system for your home or business.


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