Crawlspace Sump Pumps, Weaverville, NC

Crawlspace sump pumps can protect your Weaverville, NC home and your health by immediately removing unwanted water that may enter your crawlspace.

Crawlspace Sump Pumps in Weaverville, North CarolinaThe foundation of your home is an important part of keeping your home in good condition.  While many homes are built on a slab foundation or with a basement, many home contractors choose to build with a crawlspace.  Crawlspaces are an excellent choice, since they are cheaper than a basement and better able to withstand things such as earthquakes and shifting soil than a slab foundation is.  In order to keep your home on a firm foundation, it is necessary to keep your crawlspace in optimal condition.  This includes keeping it free from unwanted moisture that would damage it and invite the growth of mold or the intrusion of insects or other pests.  When flooding occurs due to a high amount of rainfall or other circumstances, water can enter your crawlspace.  If this happens, you need a way to get the moisture out before it becomes a serious issue to your health (due to the potential for mold growth) and safety.

At Dry Foundation Technologies, we are experts in crawlspace waterproofing services.  We have a number of crawlspace waterproofing products, including crawlspace sump pumps. Crawlspace sump pumps can protect your home and your health by immediately removing unwanted water that may enter your crawlspace due to excessive rainfall, burst pipes, or any other unforeseen circumstance.

If you are interested in learning more about how crawlspace sump pumps can protect your home in Weaverville, NC, contact us today.  Let us assist you in protecting your home through keeping your crawlspace free of unwanted moisture.


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