Crawlspace Sump Pumps, Hickory, NC

We offer installation and maintenance of crawlspace sump pumps in Hickory, NC, so we can answer any questions that you might have.

Basement Sump PumpsIn many structures, architects leave a crawlspace that allows access to wiring and plumbing. The crawlspace is typically the lowest part of the building, which means it is often more likely to flood. As a result of this common problem, construction professionals have started installing crawlspace sump pumps in these areas. A sump pump is designed to turn on when it detects water, pumping the water out of the crawlspace to prevent extensive damage.

One of the main reasons why crawlspace sump pumps are ideal is because a water problem isn’t immediately evident in this part of the structure. Most people don’t access their crawlspaces very often, which means a small leak could go undetected for a long period of time. As a result of water damage, you could also be dealing with mold growth that occurs after any moisture touches the drywall and/or insulation.

If you are looking for more information about crawlspace sump pumps, you will want to talk to an experienced professional in the industry. At Dry Foundation Technologies, we offer installation and maintenance of crawlspace sump pumps, so we can answer any questions that you might have. In addition to sump pumps, we are available to provide a number of other related services, including crawlspace encapsulation and dehumidification, waterproofing, foundation repair, and moisture management. We offer financing and provide extensive warranties on many of our services to customers in and around Hickory, North Carolina.


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