Condensation Issues, Weaverville, NC

Our team members are available to assist in locating and fixing condensation issues in your Asheville, NC home or business.

Condensation Issues in Weaverville, North CarolinaHere in Asheville, North Carolina, we have a humid climate during the summer months. Humidity can lead to condensation issues in your home or office, which can cause damage to the drywall, flooring, and other things within the property that aren’t meant to get wet. Other things that can lead to condensation issues include humidifiers, faulty windows or doors, or flooding/water damage within the structure. Some of the signs of condensation include moisture droplets on the insides of windows, damp areas, or musty odors. Condensation issues can occur anywhere, but commonly happen in basements and cellars, where moisture tends to seep in through damaged foundations and/or walls.

This type of moisture can also cause mold growth, which occurs quickly after a flood or other water damage. Mold growth is dangerous because it often causes allergic reactions, such as congestion, sore throats, and headaches. Mold can also lead to structural damage if left untreated. If you do notice a musty or mildew-like odor, you are probably smelling mold that is growing within the walls, floors, and/or ceilings of your property.

At Dry Foundation Technologies, our team members are available to assist in locating and fixing condensation issues in your home or business. We offer a number of services that can fix these issues, from basement and crawlspace waterproofing to foundation repair, replacement of leaky windows, and repair of cracked walls. Give us a call to find out about the potential causes of condensation issues and how we can repair them.


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