Leaky Basement Walls, Waynesville, NC

With our solutions, we can help you take care of leaky basement walls in your Waynesville, NC home or business.

Leaky Basement Walls in Waynesville, North CarolinaLeaky basement walls are a potential disaster just waiting to happen. The fact that water is infiltrating your foundation can mean disaster for interior walls, flooring, and furniture as this excess moisture can directly ruin these materials or provide a dark and welcoming location for mold growth. Proper remediation of leaky basement walls is a two-step process, as outlined below.

First, the leaky basement walls must be sealed and protected against further intrusions. A properly sealed and protected basement will divert water around it and allow drainage to occur naturally outside of the structure. Identifying the source of the leak(s) is extremely important, whether that leak arises from cracks in the foundation or basement wall, or where windows and doors interface with the foundation.

The second portion of preventing leaky basement walls and the water and mold damage often associated with these problems is to provide proper drainage for any moisture that is inside the structure. By doing so, the basement avoids poor indoor air quality, excessive humidity levels, and the musty odor associated with damp and inhospitable basements. Waterproofing can keep moisture out, as well as improve the quality of basement air and allow for longer-lasting improvements and remodeling to take place in this space.

At Dry Foundation Technologies, we are a certified basement repair company that can help you identify where basement leaks are coming from and provide you with effective solutions in Waynesville, North Carolina. Contact us today to find out how we can help you take care of leaky basement walls in your home or business.


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