Bowed Basement Walls, Hickory, NC

We can assess your Hickory, NC home or office for bowed basement walls and provide solutions.

bowed basement wallsMany of our basements are fully or partially underground and are part of the structural basis for our home or commercial buildings. Because they are surrounded by earth on two or more sides, they are subject to the water that seeps into the dirt during wet weather. Bowed basement walls become a problem when the surrounding dirt is so full of water that it begins to push on the structural walls of our homes. At Dry Foundation Technologies, we have the tools to repair your bowed basement walls before they create larger structural issues for you.

Bowed basement walls can create several problems, including:

  • Cracked Walls – Because of the dense soil pushing on the basement walls, bowing in the walls may actually be visible to the naked eye. Other damage may also begin to appear, too, such as cracking in the walls due to pressure.
  • Foundation Damage – If bowed basement walls are not addressed quickly and by a professional team, this can lead to additional foundation damage, including sinking floors. Once this additional damage occurs, it can be even more difficult to fix the problem. It is important to address any structural damage early on to prevent additional issues from occurring.
  • Water Seepage – Once cracks begin to appear in your basement walls and in the foundation of your home or commercial building, water may begin to seep into your basement, causing additional water damage. This can only incur more costs for repair if not addressed quickly.

If you have questions about bowed basement walls, or believe you may have structural damage at your home or commercial building, call our team today. We can assess your Hickory, NC home or office for bowed basement walls and provide solutions. We can do carbon fiber straps, wall anchors or a whalers system to correct the bowed walls, and we can do epoxy crack injections for cracks in basement walls. Don’t wait until more damage occurs. Call us today!


Here at Dry Foundation Technologies, we provide our customers with the highest quality solutions for bowed basement walls in HickoryAsheville, Waynesville, Hendersonville, and Weaverville, North Carolina!