Common Problems We Solve at Dry Foundation Technologies, Hickory, NC

Wet basements and crawlspaces are some of the common problems we solve in Hickory, NC.

Example wet basementAt Dry Foundation Technologies, we specialize in repairing problems caused by an excess of moisture in your Hickory, NC home.  Some of the common problems we solve include:

   Moisture in crawlspaces
   Wet basements
   Basement moisture
   Moldy basements

Each of these problems can create expensive health and safety problems if allowed to continue unchecked.  A basement that has too much moisture can attract pests that would cause severe structural damage.  Wet basements and wet crawlspaces can lead to mold growth, which in turn leads to serious health issues, such as asthma and allergies. Our service technicians are certified in the treatment of each of these common problems.  We offer waterproofing services for basements and crawlspaces in order to cease the flow of moisture into your home.  Whether you have moisture in your home due to cracked walls, windows or moisture seeping in through the foundation, we have the knowledge, tools and experience necessary to correct the issue.  We are dedicated to your health, safety and satisfaction and are pleased to offer you financing, so you can achieve greater security without dipping into your savings.  We are also pleased to offer warranties on our drain tile system without requiring a yearly service contract. When you notice signs of possible moisture problems, such as a moldy or musty odor, you know that the time has come to contact us.  We will readily assess your situation and provide you with an honest solution that will best meet your needs.  Let our certified technicians deal with the common problems we solve in a quick and effective manner.











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