Wet Basement, Hendersonville, NC

For all of your wet basement concerns and issues in Hendersonville, NC, let our team at Dry Foundation Technologies help you.

wet basementA wet basement can be much more than simply off-putting. Depending on the cause of the excess moisture, the location of the moisture, and the length of time that the water has been condensing inside or infiltrating your home or business, unwanted water can cause severe damage to the basement and to the entire structure of your home if not properly identified, treated, and remedied.

Most of the wet basement issues that arise come from the following issues, or from some combination thereof.

  • First, water may infiltrate the foundation through cracks or seams, either due to a high water table, flooding, or some source of water that overcomes the foundation’s ability to prevent water infiltration.
  • Second, poorly or improperly insulated spaces may cause water to condense inside the basement when the outside temperature causes the warmer and wetter air inside to cool and condense against any available surface.
  • Third, leaks in pipes either inside or outside the wet basement may contribute water to the issue or cause water to pool or leak at any place where pipes cross into or out of the wet basement. Water that is allowed to freeze during the coldest seasons risks damaging foundations, pipe work, and other parts of the basement as it expands.

For all of your wet basement concerns and issues, let our team at Dry Foundation Technologies help you. In and around Hendersonville, NC, we are trusted by many residents for the quality of materials we use, the quality of our work on each and every job, and the warranty we offer on much of our work.


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