Leaky Basement Walls, Hendersonville, NC

Leaky basement walls are most often caused by improper drainage around your Hendersonville, NC home’s foundation.

Leaky Basement WallsLeaky basement walls are a cause for concern and should be addressed right away. Water damage can be very expensive and often more widespread than you think from initial inspection. If you notice any leaking in your basement, call us right at Dry Foundation Technologies so we can take a look and get started on fixing your problem right away.

Leaky basement walls can be a result of several different causes. Most often they are caused by improper drainage around your home’s foundation. Sometimes this is a mistake from the builder, and sometimes a foundation will settle and shift, creating the problem later on. Bad gutters around the home can cause too much water to build up around the home’s foundation, rather than forcing the run-off to a safe place. Leaky basement walls can also be caused by cracks in the foundation that are allowing water in or cracks in surrounding paved surfaces (like a driveway) that are allowing water to build up near the foundation of the home.

Here at Dry Foundation Technologies, we are experts at finding out the cause of your leaky basement walls and doing whatever it takes to fix the problem so your basement is dry and secure. We are so confident in our work that we don’t require a yearly service contract. We complete the work once and offer a warranty for life. We know wet basements are a huge concern for homeowners in Hendersonville, NC, and we want you to feel secure in the fact that your basement will be dry and useable and won’t be a huge financial burden from water damage. Give us a call when you’re ready for your basement to be in a tiptop, waterproof state.


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