Condensation Issues, Hendersonville, NC

Let us help you fix your condensation issues in Hendersonville, NC before they become a major expense.

Condensation IssuesHomes that are built in humid environments, like we have here in Henderson, NC, and homes with basements are at risk for condensation issues. Condensation issues are a result of moisture build-up in the air; when the air eventually reaches a point of saturation, it turns into a liquid. We most commonly see condensation build-up on our home’s windows. In extreme cases, the moisture collects even on the walls and in the crevasses of the home.

Be on the lookout for excessive condensation build-up in your home. Moisture that sticks around for long periods of time and never seems to dry up can cause a significant amount of damage to your home. Excessive moisture can cause rotting, mold, corrosion of pipes, and damage to your foundation. While a little extra moisture or fog on your windows may just be a minor inconvenience, too much can cause expensive damage to your home.

Proper ventilation is key to preventing condensation issues. Part of what put our homes at risk of condensation is how airtight our homes are these days. Water that builds up from us taking showers and running water doesn’t have any way to escape the home. Ventilation can help mitigate this problem, and it can also help with heating your home, which will counter-balance all the moisture in the air.

Our team at Dry Foundation Technologies is here to help you with your condensation issues in Hendersonville. We can help you figure out where your excess moisture is coming from and also fix any problems that it has caused. We frequently see problems from condensation in basements, crawlspaces, leaky windows, or cracks in the home. Let us help you fix your condensation issues before they become a major expense.


Here at Dry Foundation Technologies, we provide our customers with the highest quality solutions for condensation issues in HendersonvilleAsheville, Hickory, Waynesville, and Weaverville, North Carolina!