Wet Basement, Asheville, NC

We are prepared to help you get rid the moisture in your wet basement in Asheville, NC.

wet basement solutionFew things can make your home as unpleasant as a wet basement. The basement should be a comfortable part of your home where the kids can play, teenagers can lounge, adults can keep an office, and the whole family can enjoy a movie. But when there is water on the floor or carpet, or dripping from walls, the basement is the last place anyone wants to be. And if the moisture problems go unresolved for too long, the atmosphere becomes not only unpleasant, but unhealthy, as mold spores and radon begin to infiltrate your home.

Sometimes a wet basement is the result of poor construction, but more often the foundation is fine, but the drainage system is not working as it should. That is when you need to call in the professionals at Dry Foundation Technologies. We are experienced in resolving any drainage problems you may have and completely waterproofing your basement. Many other moisture management companies use quick fixes that will temporarily keep your basement dry, but lead to more problems in the long run. Only Dry Foundation Technologies provides complete and long-lasting solutions with effective drain tile and sump pits that will move excess ground water completely away from your home. With financing options, we will work with you and your budget to completely fix your wet basement problems – guaranteed — with 25-year to lifetime warranties.

Don’t let wet carpet and walls, wood rot, condensation, and wall staining ruin an important part of your home.  Call your local waterproofing and foundation repair company, Dry Foundation Technologies. Open weekdays 9-5 and weekends by appointment, we serve the Asheville, NC area, and we are prepared to help you get rid the moisture in your wet basement.


Here at Dry Foundation Technologies, we provide our customers with the highest quality wet basement solutions in Asheville, Hendersonville, Hickory, Waynesville, and Weaverville, North Carolina!