Basement Leak Repair, Hendersonville, NC

Our basement leak repair services in Hendersonville, NC will help get your basement back to its previous state.

Basement Leak RepairA leak in your home is always cause for concern, but a leak in the basement can cause significant damage. If you don’t spend a lot of time in your basement, you may not even be aware of water damage. This can cause the water to spread over time and allow mold to grow. Our technicians at Dry Foundation Technologies offer basement leak repair services to help get your basement back to its previous state. At the first sign of a leak, give us a call, so we can inspect your basement for any leaks or signs that water has spread in the past. We can repair cracks and holes, and then use a waterproofing solution to help reduce the risk of more damage in the future.

When we perform your basement leak repair, we can also assist in removing any mold that might have grown after a water leak. Mold can cause serious allergic reactions, especially for those who already suffer from breathing problems, so it is important to get rid of it quickly. Another concern about a basement that has water damage is that it invites invasions of pests, including carpenter ants and termites that are looking for a damp place with a water source.

Our technicians have skill and experience in performing basement leak repairs. We are available to both commercial and residential customers in the Hendersonville, North Carolina area. When you use our services, you can feel confident that your basement will be waterproofed and ready for the changing seasons.

Here at Dry Foundation Technologies, we provide our customers with the highest quality basement leak repair in HendersonvilleAshevilleHickory, Mars HillWaynesville, and Weaverville, North Carolina!