Leaky Basement WallsUnfortunately, many homeowners will experience leaky basement walls at some point, particularly if their basement hasn’t been properly waterproofed. There are many possible reasons for these leaks, and it is crucial that you find the root of the problem. After all, the only way to eliminate the leak is to resolve the issue from the source.

  • Over the Basement or Foundation Wall- One of the most common issues is when water gets into the basement from over the top of your foundation or basement wall. This is more likely to happen if the ground slopes into your house or is even level with it. Homes built with this type of slope can easily develop leaky basement walls after rainstorms. It is most common among older homes, and a professional from our team can fix the issue for you.
  • Cracks in the Walls- An obvious cause of leaky basement walls is a crack in these walls. This is also one of the most serious problems. This is because in addition to fixing the crack, your foundation or basement expert will have to figure out why the crack formed in the first place. A professional will have to investigate whether this crack was caused by pressure and what he or she can do to eliminate the pressure.
  • Holes from Tie Rods- When older homes were built, this was frequently done by hand building concrete forms using wood. The forms were held together with steel rods measuring 5/8 inches that were placed at every foot and a half. After the walls were done, the rods were removed and the tie rod holes were left behind. Since they are anywhere from one to five feet off of the basement floor, these are another common cause of leaky basement walls.