Basement Sump Pumps in Hickory, North CarolinaWhere there’s a basement, there’s a risk of a basement flooding. Big storms, a busted underground pipe, or even a broken washing machine can cause a torrent of water to fill your basement. However, major events are not the only way water damage can occur. Water from the surrounding ground, humidity, and condensation from pipes can all cause water damage to your basement over time. Homeowners are spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars every day on basement repairs from water damage.

The great news is that there’s a way to prevent water damage from occurring in the first place! This is where basement sump pumps come in. A sump pump is a handy device that is designed to remove water from basements or crawlspaces and then deposit the water safely into the water waste system or exterior of the home.

Basement sump pumps offer homeowners many benefits. The first and foremost benefit is that they prevent flooding in your basement or crawlspace. If there’s a major storm or a broken washing machine, or if ground water is leaking in your basement, your sump pump will work hard to remove all excess water and keep your basement nice and dry. Another benefit of basement sump pumps is that, by helping to keep your basement dry, they also help reduce the chances of mold and mildew forming in your basement or crawlspace.

And lastly, a basement sump pump also reduces the risk of fire in your home. This is because flooding is one of the main causes for electrical fires, as the water triggers the appliances to short-circuit. With a sump pump, there’s no flood, which equals no fire! In short, a basement sump pump is a relatively inexpensive way to prevent many homeowner woes and help protect your house from water damage, mold, and fire.