Basement Waterproofing ContractorWhen it comes time to waterproof your basement, you want to be sure that you hire a contractor you can trust. By opting for a trustworthy basement waterproofing contractor, you will be assured that the project will go smoothly and you will end up with a complete waterproofing system that protects your basement from moisture and related issues, like structural damage and mold. Here are some of the best indications that you can trust a contractor:

  • Warranties- Perhaps the best indication that you can trust a basement waterproofing contractor is if they offer a warranty or guarantee of some sort. Most companies will offer at least a few months or a year of guarantee, but some go above and beyond, offering several decades’ worth of warranty. Always pick one of these companies if possible since they clearly have faith in their abilities. They wouldn’t offer such a long warranty if they though they’d have to constantly make repairs in the future.
  • Excellent Reputation- Reputation is another key thing to look for. Read reviews and ask for references from the contractor before hiring. If a contractor has mostly positive reviews with satisfied customers, this is a good indication that they will complete the project in a timely manner and do an excellent job.
  • Experience- As with any other type of professional, you want to choose a basement waterproofing contractor with experience. This is the best way to ensure that this professional will be able to quickly recognize any issues affecting your basement and complete the waterproofing project correctly and efficiently.