poor drainagePoor drainage and improper grading are problems often found by home inspectors. Incorrect water drainage can result in dramatic damage to your home’s foundation. Excess moisture and water penetrates into crawlspaces and basements, which can seriously affect its structural integrity. The type of damage includes rotted wood, mold, pests or bowed basement walls. After a home inspection, the inspector will advise how bad the detected issues are and how to remedy them.

The cause of poor drainage is often due to the way in which the property was originally graded and sited, or it might have occurred later as a result of a homeowner’s, or a neighbor’s, actions. Also, foundation issues can occur if the backfill soil wasn’t compacted sufficiently. Over time, improperly compacted soil settles under its own weight, making it prone to saturation. Depending on how it was compacted, a settlement issue may occur gradually over the years, but eventually the foundation will show signs of movement.

To help prevent poor drainage and damage to your home’s foundation, do the following:

  • Have the water flow around your property evaluated, and if necessary, have re-grading done to channel water away from the house.
  • Update or install new downspouts and roof gutters.
  • Inspect and monitor crawlspaces and basements for signs of mold and mildew from water penetration.
  • Keep exterior walls free from large objects like wood piles that can trap and hold moisture.

At Dry Foundation Technologies in Asheville, NC, we offer basement waterproofing systems, foundation stabilization, and crawlspace moisture control systems. We look forward to helping you prevent the damaging effects of water on your property!