Too much manganese or iron in water causes it to turn brown. So if your faucet is delivering discolored water, it could be due to the presence of one or both of these metals. Iron occurs naturally in the ground, so it’s not unusual for it to make its way into your water supply line, especially if you receive your water from an underground well.

Have a Rusty Water Heater Checked Out Right Away

Another cause of brown-colored water is a rusty water heater. Pressure fluctuations loosen the rust that has been gripping onto the inner walls of the pipe. The rust then comes into contact with the water flowing inside the pipe and discolors it. Sometimes the galvanic coating of piping from a rusty water heater peels off, exposing a layer of iron beneath. When the water comes into contact with this, it also makes it brown.

rusty water heater

While manganese and iron can be considered contaminants, they don’t actually harm you when they are in drinking water. So, in terms of health, brown water caused by these substances is not a concern. However, a rusty water heater can be an ideal breeding ground for various pathogens that cause illness. Moreover, rust can crack and corrode pipes, increasing the likelihood of leaks in your home, and leaky pipes are one of the main culprits of mildew and mold infestations.

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