Basement WaterproofingWhen your home was built, the builder included protections to keep water out of the basement. Those protections don’t last forever, though. Eventually, cement cracks, foundations move, and soil erodes, meaning the protections that were once in place can no longer keep water out. When that happens, you need to use some basement waterproofing strategies, or you will have serious property damage. An interior drain tile system is the best way to keep water out of your basement.

If you decide you want to go with this basement waterproofing system, a technician from our team at Dry Foundation Technologies will place the drain under your basement floor. It will be located right by the foundation, making it easy for the water to escape without entering the basement. This system is designed to last for 25 years or more, so you won’t have to worry about water problems for decades.

People tend to like this basement waterproofing system because it is installed without disrupting the exterior of the home. That means that your vegetation can continue to grow right by the house without any issues. In addition, there is minimal disruption to the basement. Once the system is in place, you won’t even realize work has been done.

When you get a tile drain system from us at Dry Foundation Technologies, you also receive a 25-year transferable warranty. You do not need to purchase a yearly service contract to keep the warranty, so this is a great option for people who want a no-fuss solution to basement waterproofing.