If you see that the walls in your basement are bowing or bulging, you’ve got a common problem with potentially dangerous consequences. Bowed basement walls are a sure sign that they have become weak. If not addressed, this problem can lead to crumbling, collapse and cracks, which will threaten the structural integrity of your entire home.

Bowed Basement Walls Will Threaten the Structural Integrity of Your Home

There are several forces that contribute to bowed basement walls, all of which place excessive stress on your house:

bowed basement walls

  • Brick and concrete driveways and patios are extremely heavy. If placed near basement walls, they can cause bowing.
  • Sloping lawns can push tons of heavy soil against a foundation, forcing the basement walls to bow inward.
  • Plumbing leaks can saturate the ground around the foundation and cause bowing.
  • Weather can cause basement walls to bow. If the soil around the walls gets drenched with water, either due to runoff from clogged gutters or rainfall, it gets heavy and introduces extra stress on the walls.
  • Roots from trees planted to close to a home.

To help prevent bowed basement walls, keep your plumbing well maintained, gutters clear, and remove trees within 10 feet of your home. Even if you are conscientious about these things, you still have no control over issues like heavy soil, sloping lawns and rain. As such, it would be a good idea to have your basement walls strengthened with carbon fiber strips.

At Dry Foundation Technologies in Asheville, NC, we offer basement waterproofing systems, foundation stabilization, and crawlspace moisture control systems. We look forward to helping you prevent the damaging effects of water on your property!