Basement Sump PumpsYou count on your sump pump to handle all of the water that comes its way. Unfortunately, your sump pump operates on electricity, so if a storm knocks out your power, your sump pump will be down for the count. You can avoid this problem by getting a battery backup for your sump pump. These backups keep basement sump pumps running, even during serious storms.

How It Works

If you get a backup sump pump system, the battery-operated sump pump will take over anytime there is a power outage or sump pump failure. This separate pump is linked to the discharge pipe and can run for hours without requiring another charge.

Some backup basement sump pumps even notify you before they run out of juice. They monitor the battery usage and let you know when they are ready for a change. In addition, the PHCC Pro Series sump pumps come with an alarm system to let you know when you need to service your sump pump. That way, you never have to worry about your pump not working when you need it.

Two-in-One System 

If you don’t want to get two separate systems, you can get a hybrid system. These systems include the sump pump and battery backup in one.

Basement sump pumps can’t do it all on their own. You need to get a battery backup in order to ensure that your system is always running. Let our certified technicians at Dry Foundation Technologies handle your sump pump needs.